A Modern Take on Vintage 90's Fashion

Modern Take on Vintage 90's FashionIt was the dawn of the Spice Girls, the era of the Backstreet Boys, and the reign of Queen Cher from Clueless as the major fashion icon of the period. Boy Meets World was all the rage, and Beverly Hills 90210 was all anybody ever talked about. Yes, the 90s were a glorious age, a vintage gem of a decade that everyone looks back to with nothing but fond memories. While snap wristwatches and lighted sneakers united trendsetters all over the world back then, one thing we cannot deny is the profound repercussions of the 90s with the fashion statements of today. Here’s a lineup of the most memorable 90s fashion pieces and their modern counterparts that have come to stay this 2014.

Choosing the Perfect Handbag

Choosing the Perfect HandbagNo matter where she goes, a woman does not feel complete without her trusty handbag. It’s like Batman without the utility belt—how can anyone expect him to fight crime if he does not have his gadgets to help him out in the dark Gotham streets? Just like any superhero, a woman feels at her best when she’s got the complete outfit—and that includes her handbag arsenal. But with all the adorably irresistible bags out there, how do you choose which one is the best for you? It’s not as simple as going with the latest trend. You have to be practical; you won’t bring a huge backpack to a formal business meeting, right? It’s also important to be mindful of the changing seasons—your canvas tote won’t last long in the cold and harsh breeze of winter. While there are a number of factors to consider, the key to the perfect bag is your body. Take a sweet look in the mirror and what do you see?

Take a Break: Ideas for Relaxing On Weekends

Ideas for Relaxing on WeekendsIn the crazy hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, it’s easy to neglect that our bodies need to rest up and recharge every now and then. With all the stress and the heavy load we carry from day to day, the weekend comes as a welcome respite for our tired bodies. Even our souls need to rejuvenate, too, so why not give these relaxing tips a try this weekend? Taking a well-deserved break has never been this enjoyable.

Of Pumpkins and Parkas: Different Ways to Celebrate Autumn

Different Ways to Celebrate AutumnAutumn—that lovely time of the year when leaves fall and a beautiful hush falls over the entire world. The earth is covered in muted colors, kids come out to fly their kites, and the pumpkin patches start popping up in backyards all over town. For nature, autumn may be a time of preparing for the winter season that’s about to come, but for you, it can mean anything. It could be a time to redecorate to cope with the new season, a time to achieve balance through the autumn equinox, or a time to redo your wardrobe for the latest fall fashion. Whatever you decide to keep busy with this season, we’ve got a guide that will keep you covered before the cold months come along.

Declutter your Home

Declutter your HomeNobody likes to come home to a messy house. It may seem like a daunting task to organize all the clutter at home, but trust us; once you’ve cleared out and maximized the space in your rooms, you’ll be glad you made the extra effort. Being organized doesn’t require any heavy spending. In fact, you can fix your way into a more organized home by simply using household items you already have with you. There is more than one way to use your things, and what you may believe to be junk could just very well be the tool you need to free up more storage space at home. Here are just a few unconventional ways to clean up in every room that you may not have thought of before.

Watches and How to Care for Them

Watches and How to Care for ThemBe it functional, groovy, a family heirloom, or simply a decorative fashion piece, a watch will never go out of style. From the moment a child spots that very first cartoon watch up to the moment a grown man passes down his vintage watch to a new generation, watches are and always will be a part of our outfit. But even such a common accessory has its own unique quirks, and not everyone knows what it’s all about. More than just a tool to tell time, a watch has different features and functions to it, and here is a basic guide on what constitutes as a quality make.

Essentials for the Perfect Kitchen Overhaul

Essentials for the Perfect Kitchen OverhaulGadgets may come and go in this fast-paced world we live in, but one thing remains a constant fact and is something a modern woman cannot live without—a good set of kitchen essentials. Every girl worth her salt needs to have the perfect arsenal of kitchen goodies, whether she’s a new wife, a new mom, a fresh graduate, or simply moving into a place of her own. Because there are so many new products out there—just browsing through the houseware stores is enough to give anyone a headache—picking the right equipment for your kitchen can be an overwhelming task. But you don’t have to buy everything you see. Just a handful of the most essential tools that are durable and have the most value for money is enough to last you a lifetime. We’re here to guide you in choosing the quality necessities that will help you serve the best food through all the memorable events in your life.

Doggie Fun: Dress Up, Play With, and Feed Your Pup

Doggie FunThe daily grind might weigh us down with stress, but when you come home at the end of the day and a furry little friend greets you at the door, all of a sudden, things don’t seem so bad.

Healthy Indulgence: Satisfying Your Sweet Cravings

Satisfying Your Sweet CravingsEveryone craves a saccharine satisfaction once in a while, whether it’s a quick bite of that chewy licorice stick or a huge chomp out of a moist chocolate brownie. Sweets are a great pick-me-up as well as a stress reliever at the end of the day. The problem that most snack-lovers encounter is that indulging in too many sugary treats can be bad for your health. So we’ve compiled some great ways on how you can still satisfy your sweet tooth without sacrificing your wellness.

Back to School: Laptops vs Tablets

Back to School: Laptops vs TabletsYes, the future is here. Gone are the days when a simple pen and paper would do. Today, bringing a mobile device to school is an actual necessity, and it helps boost productivity in an era where technology is spreading like wildfire. While some parents consider gadgets as a distraction for kids, most adults nowadays believe that these devices are, on the contrary, essential to a child’s learning. But with the plethora of devices available in the market today, which one is the most practical for educational purposes? More importantly, which device serves a student in school best—a laptop or a tablet?

The Laptop. Designed to be the mobile counterpart of the average desktop computer, the laptop has been the go-to gadget for productivity away from home for decades now. It may not be as recent as the emergence of the tablet, but it has certain advantages over the tablet in that it has a larger capacity for computing and processing. Performance-wise, it has the ability to multitask and can have different programs open and running at the same time. It can also process data faster, as well as store larger chunks of data. This allows for students to store important educational materials onto their hard drive for review.

Owning A Smartphone For Less

Owning A Smartphone For LessEverywhere you turn, you’ll see a snazzy businessman talking stocks and numbers on his mobile, or a trendy teenager tapping away on a portable screen. While it’s true that getting access to a smartphone is easier than ever, it’s also a soul-crushing fact that these gadgets are not exactly light on the wallet. Still, because everyday life demands a smartphone in this mobile era, we’ve compiled a number of budget-friendly ways to own the latest smartphones without having to sell everything you own.

The Right Bra for the Modern Woman

The Right Bra for the Modern WomanMost women may not realize it, but a lot of what makes a woman beautiful is how confident she is with her curves. There is nothing sexier than a lady who knows how to take care of her body, and a woman’s breasts need just as much TLC as any body part. More than just to look hot, breasts need to be given the proper care and attention to keep them healthy. And when it comes to breast care, an often overlooked aspect is finding the perfect bra.

A lady’s lovely lumps need the right bra not only for support but also for comfort. And while there are lots of dainty and lacey pairs lining up the department store lingerie aisles, it’s important to choose one that not only looks good but feels good, too. Just how do you pick the right bra for you?

Fragrance Etiquettes for Men

Fragrance Etiquettes for MenPopularized by Barney Stinson from the hit series How I Met Your Mother, the Bro Code has everything there is to know on how to attract the fairer sex. But for men in real life, it’s not as simple as showing up and being automatically suave, especially when it comes to scents. Not all guys know how to work a proper fragrance, and some don’t even think it’s manly enough. But men do need to know how to properly spritz a scent, because this certainly tells a woman that he’s made an effort to smell nice for her. So for all the clueless men out there, here’s a basic how-to.

Making Women’s Perfume Last Longer

Making Women’s Perfume Last LongerA study from Scientific American states that a good scent can affect a person’s mood: “We work on them through our experiences with them. That is, in order for an odor to elicit any sort of response in you, you have to first learn to associate it with some event.” Fragrances not only make us feel great, but it also helps us go back to a happy memory whenever we catch a whiff of something we’re fond of. This works well if the scent smells wonderful, but how can we make sure it’s not overpowering? Most importantly, how can we make these delightful scents last?

Women love to spritz on perfume, so how do you maximize your favorite scent so that it gets you through the day?

Sunglasses 101: Picking The Right Pair Of Sunnies

Picking The Right Pair Of SunniesOur eyes are specifically delicate, and caring for them goes beyond making sure they’re free from the strains of everyday life. Whenever we go out under the sun, it’s best to shade our lovely peepers from harmful rays and unnecessary dirt. Who’s going to object to a nice pair of sunnies? These not only give us a sexy edge to our overall outfit, but they also keep our eyes safe and sound. But how exactly do you choose one? More than just the style, a good pair of sunglasses has different features you should know about:

Protection from UV rays. When it comes to ultraviolet rays, there are two things you should keep in mind: UVB and UVA. UVB rays are the most intense between 10AM to 4PM, and can cause sunburns and skin cancer. These rays are extremely harmful to the eyes, and they cause the most damage in the summer. UVA rays are less intense, but they are more prevalent than UVB rays and they make up about 95% of the ultraviolet radiation in the Earth’s surface. They can cause cataracts as well.