Red Carpet Worthy Wig Styles and Types

Red Carpet Worthy Wig Styles and TypesIf you’ve always daydreamed about strutting the runway and the red carpet with the same gorgeous locks as your fave celebs, you’ve probably strived your whole life trying to make your hair grow as fab as theirs. But here’s the secret to having a stylish head of hair without spending all your money on extravagant hair care regimens: wigs. Gone are the days when all people think about when you mention wigs is a balding old man. Nowadays, wigs and hair extensions are used by people everywhere and for all occasions, from weddings to photo shoots to elegant evening balls. But just because it’s as common as a haircut doesn’t mean you can go ahead and use wigs without knowing the first thing about them. Here’s a handy guide on the basics of wigs so that you too can flip those locks with the confidence of a Hollywood star.

Types and Styles. Synthetic wigs are strung from fibers that are man-made. These synthetic wigs are commonly dyed so that they match the colors and styles of actual human hair, like the Discorama Mama Blonde Wig Adult from Because they are simply constructed, they are usually less expensive and more durable than natural wigs. Natural wigs are made from real human hair, and it’s precisely because of this that human hair wigs are pricier. But since they’re made from human hair, they can be washed and styled with curling irons just like you would with natural hair.

Red Carpet Worthy Wig Styles and TypesYou can choose from a variety of designs and styles as well. Falls are ¾ or ½ wigs that only cover part of the whole scalp. With some clips and combs, you can attach these falls to the back of your head and leave your own hair out front. As long as you blend these properly, falls look more natural on your head. Pull-through wigs are called “honeycomb wigs” because the cap has holes through which you can pull your own strands through for proper blending. Ideal for thinning hair, pull-through wigs can cover most of a person’s scalp. Ponytail wigs are exactly what they are—ponytails. You can wear these over your own ponytail to make the style look fuller and longer. Much like the ponytail wig, hair extensions function the same way. Extensions don’t have scalp caps. Instead, they are attached to your existing hair to make your strands look longer than they actually are. Extensions are commonly used by brides during weddings, too. Much like the 18" easiVolume Human Hair Extensions by easiXtend from VogueWigs with 10% Off Orders $300+, if extensions are made from human hair, they look seamless on your own hair.

Red Carpet Worthy Wig Styles and TypesCaps and Scalps. You may have noticed what’s called “C3 Construction” (Cool, Comfortable, Capless) when looking for wigs. This simply means that these wigs are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. The most common cap is the Regular Cap, where hair is placed on the sides and back for proper ventilation. Because the wig’s base is concealed by crimped hair, these types of wigs provide a natural lift from your own scalp. Capless wigs have open crowns and have hair on the front as well, like the Luxury by BT Classic large cap wig from Full Capless wigs, however, have the most ventilation because the wig is mostly open to keep your scalp from itching.

Red Carpet Worthy Wig Styles and TypesAs for the scalp tops, the Skin Top has a polyurethane layer over the wig cap where hair strands are implanted to mimic hair growth naturally. Microfilament tops are more precise as individual strands are knotted by hand into the scalp using a fine mesh. More breathable than the skin top, the Allison Lace Front Wig by Paula Young with Free Shipping on Orders $69+ coupons from is comfortable, easy to wear, and looks natural. The posh wig also comes in various colors you can choose from to fit your personal style.

Remember that when you’re choosing a wig, it’s important that you attach it properly if you want to prevent your locks from falling out in the middle of the day. Wigs can be glued, tied, woven, or simply clipped to your hair. Whatever you decide to buy, make sure it’s comfortable enough so that you can flip your crown of glory like a supermodel without cringing in pain. At the end of the day, it’s how you work it that matters!