Store Spotlight: Citrus Goodness with Hale Groves

Citrus Goodness with Hale GrovesThe undying fruit basket is one gift that never grows old, whether it’s for congratulating a friend for a job well done, or simply showing a loved one how much he or she means to you. Thanks to Steve Hale, Jr. falling in love with the delicious sweetness of Florida oranges and grapefruit, we can now send the same delectable fruits to our friends and family all over the world. In the heart of the Indian River Citrus Belt lies Vero Beach, home to the initially small fruit stand where Steve Hale, Jr. began his journey of packing fruit. Now, Hale Groves is one of the most renowned suppliers of the richest and juiciest fruits in the globe. Just what is it that makes this gastronomic treat such a delight?

Citrus Goodness with Hale GrovesHoneybells and Grapefruit. Honeybell tangelos are one of the most highly prized and rarest fruits you can find, being a cross between a Duncan grapefruit and a Darcy tangerine. As derived from the name, Honeybells have an adorable bell shape coupled with sweet honey taste. Seedless and usually available in January at the beginning of the year, these unique fruits can come in different sizes and they never fail to delight the taste buds.

Another specialty of Hale Groves is the Ruby Red Grapefruit. With its rosy red core, the plump ruby red grapefruit oozes sweetness that Hale Groves has been proud of since 1947. Dripping with sweetness that you can forget about the sugar, this specialty’s nectar is dripping with so much goodness that you won’t be able to resist indulging in just one piece. Luckily, Hale Groves has tray packages to satisfy your appetite. You can purchase 4 trays of grapefruit and ship these treats to an especially sweet person in your life.

Citrus Goodness with Hale GrovesFruit Baskets Galore. Whatever the occasion, Hale Groves has a special fruit basket just for you. Citrus lovers can indulge in the The Tea n' Honey Basket, which includes pink grapefruit, the infamous ruby red grapefruit, oranges, orange blossom honey, some gourmet tea bags, and a kitchen towel. The Florida Turtle Bowl and Oranges is another favorite that features the finest honeybells and oranges that Hale Groves has to offer, all ten pounds of it. Finally, the Double Armful Surprise Basket, as its name suggests, is indeed an armful with ruby red grapefruits, oranges, tangerine, orange marmalade, orange puff candles, orange blossom honey, and some delightful mixed nuts.

The Deluxe Bountiful Fruit Basket, Jumbo Planter, and the Deluxe Galaxy Assortment are all assorted fruit baskets that contain a scrumptious variety of succulent fruits. The healthy goodness of d'anjou pears, navel oranges and tangelos come paired with sinfully delicious chocolate truffles, gourmet coffees, chocolate dipped coconut patties, covered pecan halves, and even chocolate dipped sandwich cookies. You can even get 10% Off your Order so there’s really no time to waste.

Citrus Goodness with Hale GrovesTowering Fruit Frenzy. Of course, anyone can give away a fruit basket, so to keep everything extraordinary, how about a fruit tower instead? There’s the Shareable Treats Gift Tower that boasts of gourmet Citrus Fruits and Chocolate Chip Cookies with Mixed Nuts. There's more than enough to share for you and your loved ones.

The Sky-High Gift Tower is a customer fan favorite because of the whopping thirteen stacks of gift boxes that are two feet tall. Why do people continue to patronize the Hale Groves endeavor? Alex Brown of the Strategy for Southern Fulfillment Services said, "The core of the Hale brand has been to highlight the very best quality citrus. If you follow national food trends, you will find the local food movement is a pretty strong trend with people wanting to know where their food is coming from and getting closer to the source.” Because Hale Groves is known for bringing local and homegrown goods to families everywhere, customers continue to support the business. Of course, with the best citrus fruits and chocolate packages in the land, how can anyone resist?