Furniture Pieces for your Personal Style

Your home is your personal sanctuary. Each key piece should speak your style, from the enormous center table down to the tiniest corner design of your rug. Are you quirky? Classic? Vintage? Conservative? Do you like to have fun with wild and loud colors, or do you like to stick to timeless pieces that have been passed down through generations? People will always get a sense of who you are with the way you style your private space, and this guide will help you personalize furniture in your cozy little home to match who you truly are inside.

Furniture Pieces for your Personal StyleThe Trendsetter. Life will never be boring with a fashion-forward home owner. Bold colors accentuate throw pillows and loud pieces in the dining room just scream vibrance and life. Because of your brave personality, you’re not afraid to experiment with pieces that might not match and might not be too useful, but they sure look glam and posh and straight out of a fashion mag. You can’t go wrong with rich fabrics in your bedroom, gold chandeliers in the living room, and brilliant patterns on your bathroom rug. Remember not to go overboard with the ambitious setups if you don’t want to look too cluttered. A good balance is to keep perhaps a bright orange coffee table in a corner space to create drama and balance out the often-neglected area of your house. Just like the Vallila Armless Chair Collection from Target, you too can add no-nonsense bright patterns that characterize this designer collection to add a burst of energy in your home. You can even get $10 Off Home Orders $50+ coupons to make your shopping even sweeter.

Furniture Pieces for your Personal StyleThe Minimalist. Simple palettes and sparse décor are the major characteristics of a true minimalist. If you find yourself leaning towards light colors, functional spaces, and optimized furniture, you’re likely highly organized and you’re not a fan of too many knick-knacks in the house. You value order, peace, serenity, and more value for less space and clutter. To stay true to your taste, go with subtle pieces like curtains in pastel shades or contrasting tables and chairs in black and white. Get monochromatic with a taupe bed, a no-frills carpet, and a sleek and pristine sofa that’s upfront and practical. The Wingback Black Bonded Leather Full Bed from Bellacor boasts of quiet elegance with its minimal leather design that comes with an instant 30% Off Discount.

Furniture Pieces for your Personal StyleThe Free Spirit. If it’s eco-friendly and all natural, then it’s most probably in your house. You gladly switch couches for hammocks, and you value hand-me-downs more than brand new furniture. You always have fun in thrift shops, and to keep up your taste, you should stick with earth tones and natural color palettes. This Furniture Cabana Banana 2 Piece Set: Chair and Ottoman in Honey Finish by Home Styles provides a relaxing feeling of being casually free with its banana leaf and rattan body. It’s available from Cymax where you can get as much as 65% Off.

Furniture Pieces for your Personal StyleThe Vintage Romantic. If rustic decor and antique one-of-a-kind pieces are your cup of tea, then everything in your house is a classic. Opt for flowing drapes such as this Patricia Elegant Window Curtain Drapery from Collections Etc. Pair these drapes with lush old-rose sofas, curved center tables, carved ottomans, and soft lighting. Keep your bedroom romantic with laced sheets, and line your shelves with vintage books. Light up the dining area with majestic candleholders and a variety of mason jars to hold all your kitchen essentials. Stick with wooden chairs and soft and sweet carpets. Don’t forget to decorate mantles with unique souvenirs that guests won’t find anywhere else.

Furniture Pieces for your Personal StyleThe Sci-fi Fanatic. It’s all about space and the future for you. Maintain your forward-looking personality with chrome palettes and black and white tones. Pop in some futuristic transparent chairs in your dining area and stick with muted hues in your living room. For the ultimate modern vibe, don’t be afraid to use your latest high-tech gadgets as decorations around the house. Go for innovative home entertainments systems, sleek desktops, and monotone beds with just a few accents like this Christopher Knight Home Modern Round White Accent Chair from This contemporary décor supports the whole body and is perfect to make your home feel like it just came from the 31st century.

In general, whatever your personal taste is, it always pays to know how to arrange everything properly. Find a center focal point for your room, like a fireplace, and then center your furniture around it. Remember to keep enough legroom when you’re walking, and make sure tables are within reach from chairs. Finally, just remember to have fun. It’s your house and your furniture, so go ahead and get personal!