Booklover's Delight: Must-Have Books for Every Personality

Books for Every PersonalityThere’s nothing like a good book to curl up with when the days are long and the nights are cold. Couple a good story with a hot cup of tea and you’re set for hours on end. Do you get off on the thrill of a horrific murder mystery? Or do you find yourself lost and immersed whenever your favorite character goes on a crazy quest to survive the struggles of everyday life? Whether you like to go on wild adventures in imaginary lands or you enjoy a good cry with a tale that comes from the heart, a good book never fails to keep people of all personalities and all tastes entertained. Here are just a few recommendations on the stories you should absolutely have on your shelf.

Books for Every PersonalityFor the Hopeless Romantics. David Nicholls undoubtedly knows how to weave a story about love that just doesn’t quite follow the classic formula. It’s not just boy meets girl and they live happily ever after. In his novel “Us”, he tells us a tale of the height of love, the downfall of love, and just what happens when a relationship falls apart. His characters Connie and Douglas have to struggle through the intricacies of a divorce, reconnecting with family, and finding love again, all set in the backdrop of a month-long European tour. David Nicholls didn’t fail his readers in the heartbreaking “One Day”, and he certainly won’t fail them now.

If you’re into a more tear-jerking love story, then you can stick with “The Notebook” and prepare yourself for a sob-fest that only Nicholas Sparks knows how to create. The love master Sparks takes his readers on a journey of true love from youth to old age, and on how love endures regardless of any illness or challenge in life. can give you both these books and so much more with their great offers and super deals for your reading pleasure.

Books for Every PersonalityFor the Weird and Mysterious. Anyone who’s ever read and watched “The Silver Linings Playbook” will know exactly how Matthew Quick is an expert on weird protagonists. There’s no shortage of eccentric characters in “The Good Luck of Right Now”, where it’s quirks galore with letters to Richard Gere and Canadian road trips. If you’re a fan of indie films and those along the lines of “Little Miss Sunshine”, then this book should definitely be on your shelf.

Books for Every PersonalityMystery buffs all know that Agatha Christie is the real deal. Author Sophie Hannah takes Agatha Christie’s detective Hercule Poirot to 1920s London in “The Monogram Murders”. You can choose from 6%, 10%, 80%, and even 90% Off coupons over at, where “The Good Luck of Right Now” and “The Monogram Murders” are both available in hardcovers, softcovers, and even audiobooks so that you can enjoy your favorite stories no matter what the format.

Books for Every PersonalityFor the Chefs and the Kids at Heart. No foodie can resist the call of a good cookbook, but what happens when that cookbook becomes your last recipe on earth? Melanie Dunea’s “My Last Supper” has 224 pages of good food, good company, settings, music, guests, and recipes, all from 50 of the most seasoned cooks in the world. Chefs like Mario Batali and Anthony Bourdain prepare dinners for what would supposedly be their last meal, so this book is sure to satisfy the true kitchen fanatic.

Books for Every PersonalityWho hasn’t read “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry? This timeless classic not only appeals to kids but to those who are kids at heart as well. It may seem like an ordinary and simple picture book, but true to a quote from its beautiful pages, what is essential is truly invisible to the naked eye. Join the narrator as his life is changed by a little prince that he meets in a desert, and once this book is finished, you will never see your life the same way again. This gem of a classic is definitely worth reading again and again, and is a must-have for any true book lover. Head on over to for these two books, their Daily Deals, 50% Off Sales and more.