Secrets to Beautiful and Healthy Nails

Secrets to Beautiful and Healthy NailsWhen it comes to nails, women often only think about manicures and pedicures without fully grasping what nail care truly means. It’s not all about painting nails in pretty colors—nail care means maintaining healthy nails that are properly pampered and moisturized to prevent them from breaking. Because nails are often neglected, most people have no clue on how to give nails the right kind of treatment. We’ve got the lowdown on the do’s and dont's so that your nails can finally get the proper TLC they deserve.

Secrets to Beautiful and Healthy NailsWhat to do. Having beautiful nails doesn’t just rely on having the perfect manicure. To protect nails from breakage and to make cuticles look nicer, you have to moisturize them by placing some oil around the cuticles. Doing so will moisturize the whole nail and will keep cracking and chipping of nails to a minimum. You should also prevent bacteria from thriving under your fingernails by keeping them clean and dry. When nails are too wet too often, you make them prone to splitting. To make sure you don’t get them too wet, use rubber gloves that are cotton-lined when you’re cleaning or washing with harsh chemicals. The Elon Nail Conditioner keeps nails from peeling, thinning off, and cracking with its gentle formula that’s dermatologist-recommended. You can even get a Free Shipping on Any Order coupon from

Secrets to Beautiful and Healthy NailsIt is also said that reducing the frequency of your manicures can actually help contribute to good nail hygiene. Professional manicures often make nails dry and brittle due to harsh ingredients, and they also expose your nails to more infections. This is especially important when it comes to your toenails. Because your feet are always in dark and moist areas like your shoes, they are more prone to fungal infections especially if your pedicurist gives you an accidental ingrown toenail. If you really want to indulge in some nail luxury, why not bring your own set of tools to the salon? The Anthony Logistics Tool Kit 4 Grooming Tools includes a nail file, nail clippers, tweezers, and even grooming scissors so you won’t have to borrow tools from your local salon. All these and more are available at Beauty Bridge.

Secrets to Beautiful and Healthy NailsWhat NOT to do. If you’re one of those people who just can’t help but pick on their cuticles, you’re in greater risk of developing bacterial and fungal infections. The cuticle is the greatest barrier of your nails against these infections, but if you pick on your cuticles and damage them, you lose your natural protection. Your cuticles might swell and become inflamed, so it’s best to leave your nail bed alone to keep those nasty infections at bay. Also, when you’re removing your old nail polish, steer clear of nail polish removers that are acetone-based, especially if you have brittle fingernails. These removers strip your nails bare and can cause more harm than good to your precious tips. The NailTiques Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover from uses a gentle aloe vera formula to remove your polish without drying your nails. You can get $4.99 Flat Rate Shipping, too.

Secrets to Beautiful and Healthy NailsSpeaking of avoiding certain beauty products, you should also keep from using harsh emery boards that make your nails crack and tear. These fissures in your nails can be prevented by filing your nails with the SpaRitual Black Board File smoothly and finely in one direction. You can get 60% Off coupons from as well. Do not saw your nails back and forth, nor should you pull and rip off your hangnails. Instead, clip them off carefully to prevent infections.

If you or your children never grew out of biting their nails, you can employ the following methods to keep those biters off your digits. Using bitter polish and keeping your nails trimmed nice and short will discourage you from gnawing on them. And since nail biting is usually related to stress, you can even try to find alternative means to manage pressure in your life, such as meditation, yoga, or turning to the ever-reliable stress ball. Whatever it is you decide to do, remember that you should stick to it for the sake of your nails. Fingernails may be small, but that’s no excuse to let them go unnoticed—so take that first step to proper nail care now. Your fingers will thank you for it!